Haunted Light house

Haunted Light house

This is the Currituck Beach light house in Duck, NC. Some friends and I were there for New Years and I had fun taking several images of it.

The original image of this was taken in the day. The image here is a result of some fun Photoshop play that came about as friends and I shared ghost stories one evening by the fireplace and I thought it would be fun to create a haunted lighthouse. :)

If you’re interested in learning more about the Currituck Lighthouse here’s a link for you:


Pinterest – three reasons for not using it

Pinterest – three reasons for not using it

┬áThis is an article I found earlier today and wanted to share. I hadn’t realized Pinterest had these policies and I’m rather disappointed that they do because I’ve enjoyed using the site and find it to be rather addictive.
I believe I may continue to peruse the site to gain ideas and inspiration (*for the time being at least) but I’m going to think twice about ever posting anything I’ve created again.
If you’re a Graphic artist, photographer, traditional artist, or another creative type I highly recommend you check out the article for yourself. Even if their policies don’t concern you it’s best to be at least informed of them.

Beauty Comes Within

I’ve been really busy creating logos for quite a few start up businesses lately which is quite exciting! I love the process of how it all comes together and bringing someone’s ideas to fruition.

Today, Valentine’s Day, I’ve been feeling burnout, however. Mostly due to things in my personal life rather than professional but after a few moments of allowing myself to embrace that old feeling of being sorry for myself I roared up Photoshop, found a few old images that I shot a while ago and created.

This is one of my creations from today.